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Fantasy and Community. Sculpture and RPG. Art and Innovation. These are our duel-wielding weapons of choice to bring you our first pride and joy: Fantastic Art Studios first collection of Miniatures.

We All Love a True Hero

We believe in living our values in every part of the Ultimate RPG Journey. Our first collection had to be forged out of innovation, community, and art.

We are glad to offer our friends, players, GMs and collectors these fantastic heroes and villains, creatures and commanders, to help enrich your RPG experience.

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Worlds at Variance

Inspiring ideas of Chiaroscuro, the constant influx of light and darkness, and expertfully sculpted by Cicero D’Avila, whose breathtaking art also adorns cathedrals, the Fallen Angel is an original exclusive miniature that conveys the reverence Fantastic Art Studios feels for the creativity of artists and players who imagine new worlds in every game.

The intricate artwork on each mini, the care in detailing every texture and item, it all comes together to invite the creation of thousands of stories. Your stories. Alex Oliver, a renowned figurative artist, who have worked for Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games, Gnomon Workshop, and other great companies in the creative industry, crafted more than one hundred exclusive miniatures that will be available to you soon, and each contains multiverses of games waiting to be played.

The Fantastic RPG Miniature first collection was led by Art Director and Sculptor Gabriel Paula.


Let us share with you a FREE STL file of our Barbarian signed by Alex Oliver!