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How a 3D Sculpting Class Can Help Underserved Youth in Brazil

A partnership between Fantastic Art Studios and Rede Cultural Beija-Flor

Rede Cultural Beija-Flor: Academic, creative, and cultural growth.

Rede Cultural Beija-Flor is a nonprofit organization based in Sao Paulo, Brazil that focuses on empowering low-income children and teenagers via academic, creative, and cultural growth. These programs are provided at no cost to the families they serve and provide opportunity and art in places where it is often difficult to find.

Henry Miranda, Founder of Fantastic Art Studios, was moved by the organization’s work with historically underserved youngsters during his visit. He understood he wanted to make a difference. The startup and the nonprofit came up with the idea of launching an RPG Miniature 3D Sculpting workshop free to the public.

The fall of 2021 saw the start of a “Basic Level of RPG Miniature Sculpting” course led by Romario Ramos, an excellent 3D modeler and traditional sculptor and a great friend of both organizations. The feedback from the students and other members of the project was incredible, as this is the seed for creating new artists that maybe should never have a chance to work with this kind of art.

This collaboration is a great illustration of the innovative and valuable ways in which a business may support a nonprofit organization and the local community. Fantastic Art Studios and Rede Cultural Beija-Flor partnered to assist these young people in developing new technical and professional skills through art education that they can use for the rest of their lives. This type of youth empowerment improves their sense of self-worth, future employability, and capacity to give back to their communities. 


João Victor, one of the students, joined the 3D Modeling team at Fantastic Art Studios. 

Nonprofit organizations frequently struggle with funding, which is why alliances like this one are so crucial. Fantastic Art Studios and Rede Cultural Beija-Flor have embarked on an inspiring journey.

They hope this partnership can inspire other organizations to follow suit and make a positive impact on their communities. This is a team project with the potential to benefit everyone, and the RPG community is invited to submit ideas.


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