Who We Are

Henry Miranda and Davi Canabrava have been RPG players for over 30 years. While other children their age in Brazil were playing soccer or other sports, Henry and Davi could be found playing amazing games like Dungeons and Dragons, Gurps, and Vampire: The Masquerade. Henry and Davi have been hooked on RPGs ever since they opened their first D&D red box.

Throughout their years of playing RPGs, Henry and Davi began to notice elements that were missing from their RPG experiences. With their experience, passion, and knowledge they began to create ways to bring more value and quality to games and gamemasters whether playing in-person or online.

In 2019 Henry and Davi embarked on developing RPG miniatures. They were honored to be able to bring world-renowned sculptors Alex Oliver (Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games) and Cicero D’Avila on board to create fantastic medieval figures in an innovative and artistic way. Designed for both players and collectors, each miniature is carefully crafted with realistic details and proportions.

In 2021, Henry and Davi welcomed Igor Miranda and Adriana de Oliveira to the Fantastic Arts Studios team. Their mission is to provide the ultimate RPG journey while disseminating the RPG culture around the world. Together the team is dedicated to expanding the fantastic universe that is RPGs by investing in innovative and high-quality products, and uniting art, technology, fun, and passion to bring people together through RPG games

In the same year, Henry, Davi, Igor and Adriana decided to found Fantastic Art Studios. Their mission is to provide an ultimate RPG journey and disseminate the RPG culture around the world. We think of each element with lots of creativity and care, always in connection with the RPG community: for RPG fans by RPG fans.

We will be consistently investing in innovative and high-quality products, by uniting art, technology, fun, and passion.

You are invited to master, play, and share your feedback with us!