Mission & Values


Fantastic Art Studios is dedicated to providing players with the ultimate RPG journey and strives to help disseminate the RPG culture around the world, through innovation, art, technology, fun, and passion. For RPG fans by RPG fans.


The Fantastic Art Studios team is committed to working together with the RPG community to become a trustworthy reference for players around the world. By focusing on innovation, art, technology, meaningful content, and fan satisfaction the studio dreams of spreading their love of RPGs around the world.


The Ultimate RPG Journey: following a fan-centric approach, Fantastic Art Studios provides RPG community members an innovative, realistic, and fun journey across their entire brand.

Creativity and Soft Skill Warriors: the team at Fantastic Art Studios truly believe in the social, educational, and psychological benefits of RPG games. Our products are designed to support the development of creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and leadership skills of our fans

Diversity, Inclusion, and the Equity of Players: Fantastic Art Studios is dedicated to continuing to advance the culture of RPGs by promoting a more diverse, inclusive, and fair place to work by representing the amazing array of heroes and protagonists of society.

For RPG Fans by RPG Fans: being RPG fans, the team at Fantastic Art Studios aims to transform and inspire the RPG community. Through their love for what they do, the studio dreams of growing their community utilizing innovation, technology, art and meaningful content to reach players around the world.