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We are RPG gamemasters, RPG players, miniature collectors, and simply passionate by the RPG universe.

As RPG fans, we are dedicated to providing players with the ultimate RPG journey and strives to help disseminate the RPG culture around the world, through innovation, art, technology, fun, and passion.

For RPG fans by RPG fans.

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The Fantastic Art Studios Team


Henry Miranda, main founder of Fantastic Art Studios, was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and started playing RPG games when he was 10 years old.

Though his passion for RPG games has only increased over the years, Henry’s ability to hold in-person sessions with his friends lessened during their college years. During this time Henry began collecting miniatures and through them discovered new and amazing RPG stories.

In 2016 Henry got back to in-person RPG sessions, but this time with his 11-year-old son Matheus. Together they embarked on countless adventures in the first RPG Henry played in his childhood, Dungeons & Dragons. Throughout their sessions, Henry and Matheus strengthened their relationship, getting to know one another better through their campaigns.

In 2021, Henry had the opportunity to make a dream come true with the founding of Fantastic Art Studios. Now Henry along with the team at Fantastic Art Studios are developing incredible RPG projects with passion and professionalism that they are thrilled to be able to share with other RPG fans.