Black Box RPG Map Maker

Talented and creative game developers, designers, and artists joined the Fantastic Art Studios team to develop a state-of-the-art map maker.

Besides the implementation of AI and the latest technology used by the videogame industry, the artistic and realistic sides of our own Black Box RPG Map Maker are also impressive.

We have been working on a project to develop several RPG environments, over eighty rooms (themes), and thousands of digital props. Each prop has been artistically designed to bring realism to the experience of RPG gamemasters and RPG players. Filters, skin, and special effects are also being developed, providing a more real setting.

RPG gamemasters and RPG players will be able to customize their rooms and maps or leave it to the AI hands. All the dreamy aesthetic rooms you create could be shared with the Fantastic Art Studios community and inspire other players.

New projects are on their way and we count on the participation of the RPG community to advance our mission! Always for fans by fans.

fantastic_BlackBox screenshot (47)