One of the pillars of Fantastic Art Studios, art and all of its forms is highly appreciated by the FAS team and is emphasized in all of our RPG projects. We believe that art is an essential part of the RPG genre and its elements.

As art lovers and game masters themselves, Henry and Davi are passionate about bringing creative solutions to RPG fans and improving their journey. As RPG players for over 30 years, Henry and Davi have been avid miniature collectors and painters. They bring this expertise and their love of art to all development and creative processes on all Fantastic Art Studios projects. 

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Fantastic Art Studios RPG Miniatures

Fantastic Art Studios has merged innovation and art by working with traditional sculptors in the creation of their RPG miniatures.

Learn more about our artistic and realistic RPG Miniatures.

Black Box RPG Map Maker

Talented and creative game developers, designers, and artists joined the Fantastic Art Studios team to develop a state-of-the-art map maker. Each element has been artistically designed to bring realism to the experience of RPG gamemasters and RPG players.

Learn more about our fantastic Black Box RPG Map Maker.

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For a long time, technology has been part of our lives and it is not different in the RPG Universe.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), latest gaming technology, and advanced 3D design software are some of the tools that our talented team uses in the development of our RPG projects.

AI, part of the Black Box Map Maker development, has been already tested and provided very positive results.

Fantastic Art Studios have a diverse, strong and competent team able not only to master these tools but also to implement creative solutions in our RPG projects.  Focused on enhancing the experience of RPG gamemasters and RPG players, our knowledgeable professionals will be constantly updating and improving our products and projects.

The RPG fans will see constant novelties from Fantastic Art Studios. 

We welcome your participation to help us continue improving.


At Fantastic Art Studios, we bring innovative ideas and solutions to projects and processes. We do not stop challenging ourselves.

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We innovate by …
  • unifying art, technology, fun, and passion and integrating them to the RPG universe.
  • working directly with the RPG community to develop creative projects and provide authentic solutions in order to positively impact on the online and in-person journey of RPG gamemasters and RPG players
  • investing in a diverse and talented team, listen to their ideas, and empower them
  • transforming classic art into RPG miniatures
  • creating hyper-realistic RPG miniatures to meet the expectations of the RPG players, miniature collectors, and RPG fans who paint miniatures
  • implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the latest gaming technology in the development of our Black Box RPG Map Maker
  • providing to RPG gamemasters and RPG players thousands of RPG digital props and several environments, so they have almost infinite possibilities to create rooms and RPG maps and, consequently, improve their journey
  • offering to RPG gamemasters and RPG players the possibility to easily integrate the maps they created to the main VTT platforms available in the market
  • providing high-quality, artistic, realistic, and lightweight graphs to improve the speed they play in their devices
  • developing a user-friendly RPG map maker that offers AI generated maps and custom created maps, where the RPG fans can be authentic and creative in the map creation process
  • encouraging the engagement of the RPG community to share their creations with other members, who will be also able to develop other creations from there, and finally, building a collective, creative and inspirational virtual circle
  • thinking of creative ways to bring more people to the RPG community worldwide
We innovated by creating Fantastic Art Studios.